Thursday, 5 June 2008

Film - DVD

The "BBC 911 Conspiracy File": programme broadcast in February 2007 is available "Free View" on Google Video. [View]

Sometimes the page opens on conspiracy file related programmes. The BBC 911 Conspiracy File is posted in one part, 59 minutes long. See the left hand column to select. If you have problems try the link below. There is an interesting 90 min. political response to the BBC911 File from the Bristol 911truth Campaign also on this page.

There are many other films available that you can watch easily on your computer. They are informative and challenging. They offer a stimulus to investigation.

"Zero": An Investigation into 911.

The film, dubbed ‘The Sensation At The Rome Film Festival’ has been re-edited with an English voice-over for Berlin 2008 where it will be screened as part of the market place offerings. In addition the European Parliament will screen the film on February 26th.

Zero is the first million+ Euro investigation into 9/11 and features interviews with Nobel prize winner Dario Fo, Gore Vidal, Moni Avadia and Giulietto Chiesa MEP, who is also a member of the Security and Defence Commission of the European Parliament. [View] Google Video

"Power of Nightmares": A BBC documentary by Adam Curtis [View] Google Video
[LA Times review]

B52 6 live Nuclear Cruise Missiles - Loose: Barbara Starr

Film Documentary, "Building the World Trade Center": Directed by Pilowski andf Winestine, (1970) Thanks to Architects & Engineers for 911Truth. [View]